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Testimonials from the users of Pocket Pal

D Mepharn - Adelaide - South Australia - Aged 13 - Boy

"Mum bought me Pocket Pal, very quickly I was able to create a savings plan for the CD burner I wanted. I now know how to do a budget, and balance my cheque book".

J Noble - Sunshine Coast - Queensland - Aged 11 - Boy

"Mum and Dad would buy me brand name clothes, now I have to buy my own so I go to K Mart and keep the extra money".

K Panadrinkus - Melbourne - Victoria - Aged 8 - Girl

"Thanks for Pocket Pal, I love the way I am doing the same things as Mum. Next week Mum said I can buy the Guinea Pig I have saved up for".

B Darling - Alice Springs - Northern Territory - Aged 9 - Boy

"At first I did not like Pocket Pal, after a few weeks I got the idea of it, I like the cheque book best".

G Casey - Perth - Western Australia - Aged 7 - Girl

"Mummy has shown me how to make things for the craft show like cakes and things. I sell them and put the money into my Pocket Pal".

J Templeton - Sydney - New South Wales - Aged 14 - Girl

"Pocket Pal is the best system, I have been able to create a budget and show my parents how to do the same. All my friends are now on Pocket Pal".

H Martin - Adelaide - South Australia - Aged 9 - Boy

"Thank you Pocket Pal, we went to Movie World and Mum and Dad made me save up my money from Pocket Pal, it was the best holiday ever. Now I am saving up for our next holiday and Christmas to Tasmania".

S Savinoski - Brisbane - Queensland - Aged 14 - Boy

"What started as a bit of fun has now developed into a full learning program. My Dad and I are doing a course on the share market. This has been brought about because of Pocket Pal".

P Beatum - Melbourne - Victoria - Aged 6 - Girl

"Pocket Pal is great because I get to help with the dishes".

These are just a few of the many thousands of children around Australia using Pocket Pal, Australia's number one children's pocket money management system.

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